Commercial Appeal ::: ✰✰✰ Review | Chef Timothy Barker takes 'from scratch' to a new level at Edge Alley

… Dinner at Edge Alley is not to be overlooked for the same reasons as lunch. It is a great place to stop for supper before heading to the FedExForum for a Grizzlies or Tigers basketball game.

Start with a hand-crafted cocktail. The “Health Food”, described as “vodka, more vodka, cucumber, basil and lime,” is light and refreshing. Like the food menu, the bar menu is small but carefully curated


Edible Memphis ::: Tim, Lena and the Edge | A Love Story

When Tim and Lena Barker, owners of Edge Alley, met in 2008, they each were managing different kitchens. Tim was at the Beauty Shop while Lena was running point downtown at Automatic Slim’s. They both worked a lot, as service industry folks do…

Tumeric Cocktail.JPG

Daily Memphian ::: Bar Talk

At Edge Alley, they’re serving up a cocktail that could stave off cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s, posing the question: Why aren’t you drinking it this very minute?

Chef/owner Tim Barker and staff infuse the vodka with turmeric root and aromatics…


Memphis Flyer ::: Best Bets | Edge Alley Shrimp and Grits

“I’m not a fan of heavier, salty shrimp and grits. My goal with our recipes is to take a lighter, fresher, more healthful approach.”

…there’s no meat in Barker’s shrimp and grits at Edge Alley. They’re fabulous. Shrimp, grits, tomatoes, onions, garlic, herbs, and spices. An entree with as much comfort as a Stratolounger…


Memphis Flyer ::: Chef Profile | Edge Alley’s Tim Barker

… wasn't thinking about opening a restaurant at 600 Monroe when the developer asked him what he thought he should do with the empty space. "I outlined this concept for some retail and art space, a restaurant, and a coffee roastery." A year and a half later, Barker opened Edge Alley, which serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and, Saturday and Sunday, brunch…

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Memphis Magazine ::: Bringing New Photography to The Edge

Edge Alley, a new Memphis hot spot, is transforming its dining space to house a photography gallery produced by Houston Cofield. His photographs, some of which you might recognize from a recent Edge Alley feature by edible Memphis, will be displayed…

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New York Times ::: 36 Hours in Memphis

Memphis’s growing microbrewery scene positions beer as shopping break conveniences in a couple of emerging neighborhoods. Near Sun Studio in the Edge District, High Cotton Brewing Company adjoins Edge Alley, home to a few intriguing shops...


I love Memphis Blog ::: Go Green! Guide To The Best Salads In Memphis

Edge Alley is one of my favorite places to get a salad. They have several good ones to choose from, they have awesome window seating and best of all, I get to have a second coffee of the day. (Carbonated cold brew FTW.) I really like the Shrimp Cobb (below) but lately the Chicken Salad Salad ($8) has been my go to…